The Ingrein Smart Clock is a luxury wood clock that interacts with your smart home devices and displays information from your favorite apps

With Ingrein Smart Clock:

Be present in
your life 

Instead of constantly checking your phone, let yourself disconnect, set your phone aside, and be present when spending time with your friends and family.

Stay informed
not distracted

You can have confidence that if anything important is happening, your smart clock will let you know. You won’t be distracted by an insignificant notification.

your space

Your smart clock adds both elegance and function to your home with technology that is seamlessly integrated into a luxury clock made of precious reclaimed woods.


Precious hardwood

Know you have invested in a beautiful and handcrafted decor item, constructed from premium reclaimed woods, such as mahogany and cedar, sustainably sourced and treated to last


Weather and Traffic Forecast

Never leave your house without an umbrella again. You will always be informed of the upcoming weather and traffic forecast


Easy Setup

You don't need to be tech-savvy to set up and install this clock. Simply hang it on your wall, open the Ingrein app, and with a few clicks configure the settings to your preferences

Priority App Integration

You know what notifications matter most to you.  Customize your alerts to what is really important, with over 100 apps to chose from, powered by IFTTT

Notifications by Light

You can distinguish among your notifications and/or from other household members' by different color lights, or choose to use a single color

Motion detection

Use your clock to protect your home. The motion detection sensor can send SMS alerts or trigger other smart home devices if a security breach is detected

Ingrein IFTTT Smart Clock


Rustic White

Textured Oak


Desk setup