At Home

Enjoy dinner uninterrupted knowing that if your daughter sends you an important text message, Ingrein will let you know.

Relax and watch tv at the end of the workday, without checking your phone. If your boss sends you an urgent email, Ingrein will let you know.

Leave home with confidence. If an intruder is detected, Ingrein will send you an alert to your phone.

Know when your girlfriend is 15 minutes away from home. Time to start prepping her favorite meal :)

Never miss one of your favorite team's tip-off, kickoff, or face-off. Especially when they are supposed to win!


At Work

Know, and let those meeting with you know, that your meeting is about to start, so that you don't have to take your phone out during a meeting.

Get a cheer from Ingrein when you hit your daily fitness goal. Or know how close you are to hit it. Keep it at!

Know when a SalesForce opportunity has reached a 90% probability of closing.

Know when you are mentioned, or when you have gained a new follower on Twitter.


For Media Gurus

If @elonmusk tweets, tell me about it

If there is a new hot post on /r/gadgets, show me which one

If a product is hot on Product Hunt, send me a notification


And with over 200+ services to choose from, there are many more to discover...


Easy to set notifications

IFTTT with Ingrein Smart Clock IoT